Miln App Licensing

How to apply your Miln App licence for both graphical and command line tools.


Most Miln Apps require a licence. Licences are provided as PEM encoded X.509 certificates. The steps below explain how to use Miln licence certificates.

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macOS / Graphical Applications

To add your licence certificate to a Miln application on macOS:

  1. Save or move the licence certificate in your e-mail to your computer
  2. Launch a Miln application
  3. Select the menu item License… from the application menu
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Select and Add the licence certificate file
  6. Quit and relaunch the application

Your licence will be applied immediately after adding. These steps only need to be performed once per licence.

Command Line Tools

Miln command line tools look for licences in the hidden directory:


To make this directory and reveal it within macOS’s Finder, issue the following two commands:

mkdir ~/.miln
open ~/.miln

The newly created directory should open in the Finder. Drag and drop the licence certificate (milnapplicence.pem) file into this directory.

Show Licence

With the licence in the hidden directory, the Miln command line tool’s -show-licence flag should work.

Custom Licence Path

Alternatively, you can tell Miln command line tools to look for licences in another directory. Assuming the licence is on your desktop, the following command should find and show your licence:

The -licence flag must be passed to every command issued using the tool:

keysafe -licence ~/Desktop -keychain ~/Documents/old.keychain