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Screenshot of Miln Font Pestle running on macOS
Screenshot of Miln Font Pestle running on macOS

What are Symbol Fonts?

Symbol fonts are specially crafted collections of graphics suitable for the web and for publishing in general. Each font contains a collection of artwork representing logos, symbols, and iconic images.

A selection of free symbol fonts are included with Font Pestle.

Symbol fonts try to solve a couple of problems for web designers. Fonts theoretically offer a single file that can be downloaded and used on a web site. The symbols embedded within the font can be displayed on the site’s web pages at any size with different styles applied by Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) transformations.

Offering a single font file that encompassed multiple resolutions could speed up web pages and reduce the workload for designers. One font could deal seemlessly with desktop and mobile users.

Problems with Symbol Fonts

In an ideal world, symbol fonts would just work. We would have a great way to package resolution independent artwork in a quick to download format.

The promise of symbol fonts has not matched reality. The real world is complex. The problems of varied web browsers, less-than-current clients, and the need to serve multiple forms of the same font file depending on platform, have all made symbol fonts tricky to get right.

How Font Pestle Helps

Font Pestle offers a pragmatic approach.

Create the graphics you need today from the symbol font and use those files directly. It is a tried and tested path that works.

Sometimes you just need a handful of symbols from a font at a particular size. Font Pestle lets you get these symbols in the format you want. Font Pestle can export both bitmap and vector graphics from a symbol font. Bitmaps are great for the web and vectors for printing.

Screenshot of Miln Font Pestle and exported files
Screenshot of Miln Font Pestle and exported files


Font Pestle can open fonts in these formats:

Font Pestle works with its own file type:

A Font Pestle file includes the original font, name tables, and customisations all in one.


Fonts can be customised to meet your project’s requirements:

Individual symbols can be named ready for use in a style sheet or as the graphic’s filename.


With the symbols customised to your needs. Export the font to a wide range of formats:

Font Pestle can also create supporting files for your symbols:


With your symbol font customised and ready, you can share it with the world. Font Pestle provides built-in sharing to your favourite social networks.

Fonts Included in Font Pestle

Font Pestle comes with a selection of high quality free and open symbol fonts. Between them are hundreds of beautiful symbols ready to use in your print and web projects:

You can also open TrueType and OpenType symbol fonts downloaded from the web or from your favourite type foundry.

Screenshot of Miln Font Pestle and included symbol fonts
Screenshot of Miln Font Pestle and included symbol fonts

Font Pestle is no longer available through Apple’s Mac App Store.

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