Screenshot of Miln Movie Splitter running on macOS
Screenshot of Miln Movie Splitter running on macOS

What does Movie Splitter do?

Movie Splitter splits a movie into smaller parts. From a single movie, Movie Splitter creates a folder of smaller movies; each smaller movie being a section of the original.

Movies can be split using chapter information embedded within the source movie. Chapter information is automatically detected by Movie Splitter.

How can I split a movie?

A movie can be split into small sections using a range of approaches:

Designed for Canon’s Hybrid Auto

Movie Splitter takes Hybrid Auto movies created by the latest generation of Canon cameras and splits them apart into individual clips. Quickly turn your movie digests into single clips for easy editing and sharing with friends.

With Movie Splitter, you can extract a handful of your best shots from a Hybrid Auto movie. No more bad shots ruining your movie memories of the day.

Hybrid Auto movies typically appear on your camera as files starting with MDG_. Hybrid Auto is available on most modern Canon cameras including:

Tested with IXUS 265 HS and PowerShot SX700 HS.

Screenshot of Miln Movie Splitter
Screenshot of Miln Movie Splitter

Automatic Chapter Detection

Chapter information can be encoded either as a 3GPP track or as a QuickTime chapter track. Movie Splitter supports both these common methods of embedding chapter information. If present, Movie Splitter will find and create sections for each chapter.

If no chapter information is embedded, Movie Splitter will offer to halve or quarter the movie.

High Quality

Movie Splitter does not re-encode the movie. Instead exported sections are passed through untouched, except for being trimmed to the desired chapter or length. This ensures the quality of the original movie is maintained. Movie Splitter does not affect the original movie.

Miln Movie Splitter splits MPEG4 files by chapter
Miln Movie Splitter splits MPEG4 files by chapter

Multicore and Streamlined

Movie Splitter is streamlined for modern Macs. The exporting process is performed in the background and does not interrupt or block you. You can queue up hundreds of sections for splitting and exporting.

There is no need to watch and wait. Open your movies, decide how to split, and click export. Movie Splitter will begin splitting up the movie in the background, leaving you to do other tasks.

While exporting, Movie Splitter shows a count of the remaining sections in the Dock. When the export queue is finished, a notification appears in your Notification Center.

Movie Splitter is no longer available through Apple’s Mac App Store.

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