Miln Photo Feed

Miln Photo Feed creates a photo feed using local photos attached to your WordPress posts. The feed contains one item per photo; each item includes the photo as both an inline src image and as a linked enclosure.

This plug-in is ideal for sharing photos with family and friends who prefer to see images in iPhoto or through a RSS client, such as Google Reader.

Photos attached but not visible within a post are included within the Miln Photo Feed. This lets you create a post highlighting a few photos, while also offering a photo feed containing many more photos.


Miln Photo Feed is a standard WordPress plug-in. The plug-in can be installed through your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Log into WordPress;
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New;
  3. Search for “Miln”;
  4. Select Install Now for Miln Photo Feed;
  5. Select Activate Plugin.

Your new photo feed is available immediately. To get your photo feed, append /photos to the end of your blog URL. If your blog is at then your photo feed will be at

Plugin Directory

Miln Photo Feed is hosted by and available on the site.