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Miln Page Shuffle requires macOS 10.13 or later.

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Revive Your Teaching Materials

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Designed for Teachers and Educators

Page Shuffle was created for shuffling bingo and flash cards. A deck of flash cards stored as a PDF quickly becomes predictable and stale for students and teachers. With Page Shuffle the PDF can be quickly shuffled to revive the activity.

What does Page Shuffle do?

Page Shuffle randomly reorders the pages of a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

The original document is not altered or changed by Page Shuffle. You can export copies of the newly shuffled document for use later. Or you can browse through the shuffled document within Page Shuffle itself.

Can I shuffle sections of a PDF?

Yes, with Page Shuffle you can shuffle entire documents or just a range of pages. You can select any continuous range of pages within a document for shuffling.

Support for Automator, command line, and more

Page Shuffle includes Automator support. The Shuffle PDF Pages action lets you integrate Page Shuffle directly into your Automator Workflows.

Page Shuffle includes a command line interface. You can pass your PDFs directly to Page Shuffle via the Terminal or through your own scripts.

Within the Finder, Page Shuffle adds a Shuffle Pages service to the Context Menu. Control-Click on a PDF, select Shuffle Pages, and launch directly into Page Shuffle.

Technical Overview

Page Shuffle does not open or work with encrypted or locked PDF documents.



Shuffled how?

So how does Page Shuffle shuffle? The algorithm for shuffling is as follows.

You select a range of pages to shuffle; the number of pages is n.

Page Shuffle then loops n times:

  1. A random pair of pages within the page range are picked using arc4random_uniform….
  2. The two randomly picked pages are then swapped.

You can learn more about shuffling algorithms from What’s a uniform shuffle? and Fisher–Yates shuffle.

Page Shuffle is no longer available through Apple’s Mac App Store.

Latest Download

Download Page Shuffle. Miln Page Shuffle requires macOS 10.13 or later.

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