Packaged Apps

How to set up software package managers for Miln applications and tools.

All of our desktop applications and tools are available directly from us. Some of our applications and tools are also available from package managers. This page explains how to set up those supported package managers.

A package manager is software that manages other software. Most package managers aim to simplify the installation, updating, and removal of software. Some include extras such as verifying the software is not harmful or misrepresenting its purpose.

Whenever possible, we submit our software for inclusion into a package manager’s default repository. This process can sometimes be a little slow but typically updates will appear a few days to weeks after being submitted.


Homebrew is a macOS package manager.

We have our own tap for brew. This tap is the best source to get the latest updates. Add our tap using:

brew tap miln-eu/miln-eu

You can now install Miln software using the traditional brew install commands. To install Miln Keysafe, use the command:

brew install keysafe

When software exists in both our tap and in Homebrew’s main repository, brew will default to using the main repository. If you want to ensure you have the latest version, include our tap in the brew install command:

brew install miln-eu/miln-eu/keysafe

You can remove our tap using:

brew untap miln-eu/miln-eu


Scoop is a command-line installer for Windows.

We have our own bucket for scoop. This bucket is the best source to get the latest updates. Add our bucket using:

scoop bucket add miln

You can now install Miln software using the usual scoop commands. To install Miln Mail Filer, use the command:

scoop install miln-mail-filer

You can remove our bucket using:

scoop bucket rm miln

Synology Package Center

Package Center is the built-in package manager for Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system.

We have our own Package Source for Package Center. Add our source using:

  1. Launch Package Center
  2. Select Settings > Package Sources > Add
  3. Enter the details:
  4. Select OK

You can now install Miln software from Package Center’s Community view.