This page contains the latest press and media resources for Miln Beyond.


This page contains the latest press and media resources for Beyond.

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Allier, France - 7 May 2018 - Miln today announced the launch of Beyond for Mac. Beyond is a new web server for macOS. Designed as an approachable web server offering a secure and simple experience.

Beyond makes it easy to run a web server on macOS. Every Beyond document is a web server. Opening and closing a document starts and stops a web server. As a true Mac app, Beyond is built around a modern document based architecture. Beyond supports AppleScript, Automator, drag and drop, undo and redo, and everything users expect from a macOS application.

Beyond is secure web server suitable for new users. The application and the web servers are sandboxed. Each web server is independent and can only serve files from the folder selected by the user. The server can not write files or execute scripts.

"I created Beyond because I wanted a fast way to test web sites on my own Mac." said Graham Miln. "Once I had proved the secure architecture, I could see the path from serving just my Mac to serving on the Internet was possible but not easy. It took more work than expected but Beyond can now map ports, ensure reachability, and get a domain name, all without needing the user to wade into a technical quagmire. The simple interface protects you from the complexity."

Beyond's web server requires little memory and processing power. Each server's memory requirement is measured in tens of megabytes. A small web site will requires only a few megabytes of memory. This makes Beyond suitable for running multiple servers on any Mac computer.

Beyond is ideal for users who need to develop, demonstrate, and test web sites locally. Modern web development requires loading web pages from a server. Web browsers, such as Safari, show different behaviours when loading files from disk compared to a server. Using Beyond helps users run a server and see the final behaviour without any complex set-up.

Miln offers a pay-for Beyond Membership. Membership expands the technical options available within the application. These options include control over the local TCP/IP port, the mapped port via NAT/UPnP, and passphrase protection to secure the served site.

Membership also includes use of Miln's reachability and domain name service. Running Beyond on a Mac is enough to serve computers on the same network. Reaching a wider audience, those on the Internet, requires help from outside of the local network.

Beyond members gain access to Miln's reachability service. This service actively tests each potential network address on your Mac for global reachability. This test involves checking both inbound and outbound traffic, on both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. This real world test means users know which addresses are truly public and which are not. This information is displayed in the Beyond Network window of the application.

Once Beyond members have reachable servers, Miln provides a domain name as part of the membership. A domain name is assigned automatically for the Beyond user and is available globally. Members can use the friendly domain name to access and share their web server. Beyond domain names support both IPv4 A records and IPv6 AAAA DNS records, as appropriate.

Beyond provides a simple, secure, and free, macOS web server.

Beyond Membership makes the step from running a server on your Mac to serving the world, trivial.

Pricing and Availability

Beyond is available through Apple's Mac App Store.

A Beyond Membership is required to access advanced options, use the reachability service, and be automatically assigned a domain name:

Beyond Membership does not auto-renew. Access to the options and services ends when the membership period ends.

Beyond requires Mac macOS 10.13 or later.

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About Miln

Miln is a French business run by Graham Miln. Graham Miln is a software engineer who has over twenty years' experience developing commercial Mac software.