Movie Splitter

This page contains the latest press and media resources for Miln Movie Splitter.

Movie Splitter

This page contains the latest press and media resources for Movie Splitter.

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Lyon, France - 6 May 2014 - Miln today announced the launch of Movie Splitter for Mac. Movie Splitter splits movie files into smaller pieces for easier editing and sharing. Designed for owners of Canon cameras with Hybrid Auto movie digest support.

Movie Splitter makes it easy to split up a movie with chapters into individual sections. Hybrid Auto movies are digest movies created by Canon cameras. Digests combine a photo with a few seconds of footage. Digest movies are difficult to edit without complex editing software. Movie Splitter makes it easy to split and work with sections of digest movies.

"I had to create Movie Splitter because my wife and I bought Canon cameras." said Graham Miln. "The cameras were great but the accompanying software was limited. Movies created in Hybrid Auto mode showed such promise but we could never share just those moments we treasured. A few bad shots always needed editing out, and from that need, Movie Splitter was born."

Movie Splitter automatically detects chapter information embedded within a movie. The chapter information can be in 3GPP or QuickTime tracks; both are supported. Movie Splitter will split a movie at each chapter marker.

Movie Splitter can be used to selectively export single or multiple sections from a movie. This makes it possible to isolate and export only the shots that matter from a movie. Selective exporting avoids demanding large amounts of storage and processing time for unneeded content.

Presented with a movie that has no embedded chapters, Movie Splitter will offer to halve or quarter the movie. This approach makes Movie Splitter handy for situations where uploading or backing up a single movie exceeds size limits. Movie Splitter takes full advantage of the Mac's multiple processing cores and queues up movies for splitting in the background.

Movie Splitter does not re-encode exported sections. Sections are passed through untouched, except for being trimmed to size. Movie Splitter does not affect the original movie.

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Pricing and Availability

Movie Splitter is available through Apple's Mac App Store for 4.99 USD / 4.49 EUR.

Movie Splitter requires Mac macOS 10.9 or later.

About Miln

Miln is a French business run by Graham Miln. Graham Miln is a software engineer who has over fifteen years' experience developing commercial Mac software.