This page contains the latest press and media resources for Miln Signpost.


This page contains the latest press and media resources for Signpost.

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Press Release - Latest Update - v1.0.1

Allier, France - 29 January 2018 - Miln today announced the launch of Signpost for Mac. Signpost creates and publishes domain names on the local network. Designed to add and extend Bonjour support across legacy and non-Mac devices.

Signpost makes it easy to publish local domain names. Local domain names allow users of the network to reach other devices without knowing their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Signpost lets users attach human-friendly names to devices previously only accessibly by IP addresses.

"I created Signpost because our home network was getting crowded with semi-smart devices." said Graham Miln. "To set up and manage all the connected boxes with blinking lights I needed to remember their addresses. Signpost let me look up the address once, then name each device in a friendly way. Now I can access my wifi router with the URL, wifi.local."

Signpost uses multicast domain name server protocols, known as Bonjour on macOS, to publish names. This approach is ad-hoc and only persists while the Signpost application is running. There is no need for centralised servers or set up on other devices. Everything needed happens on a single Mac.

Once published, local domain names can be immediately used by any other Bonjour/mDNS-aware device on the network. Signpost running on a Mac will provide local domains that are useable from iPhones, iPads, and other Macs across the local network. Other operating systems, such as Linux, that can support mDNS will also benefit.

Signpost works with both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Signpost can publish A, AAAA, and CNAME based domain name records. The choice of the record is handled by Signpost depending on the provided device and desired local domain name.

Signpost can be used to publish multiple local domain names for a single device. This can be used to solve auto-renamed Mac names, such as macbook-pro-7.local.

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Pricing and Availability

Signpost is available through Apple's Mac App Store.

A subscription is required to publish multiple signs simultaneously. Annual or monthly subscriptions are available:

Signpost requires Mac macOS 10.13 or later.

About Miln

Miln is a French business run by Graham Miln. Graham Miln is a software engineer who has over twenty years' experience developing commercial Mac software.